Kate Shindle has #FairWageOnCouncil’s enthusiastic endorsement for reelection as President of Actors’ Equity Association.

Kate’s first five years as Equity’s President have been the most successful in our union’s history. Wages and workweeks have been at all time highs across the country, members are activated and engaged in record numbers, and our standing in both the labor movement and the political world have grown steadily. This is not a coincidence.

Kate’s leadership, poise, and political acumen make all of this possible.

Now, in the midst of a remarkable challenge, we have had the opportunity to see Kate Shindle at her finest, and to recognize just how vital her leadership will be moving forward. Since our workplaces closed, we have watched Kate work around the clock to ensure that our stage managers and actors are protected.

The respect she’s earned from the leaders of our fellow unions proved invaluable during negotiations after the shutdown. She has continuously lobbied the Trustees of the Equity-League Funds, rallying the Council to support any and all ideas to help members retain their health coverage during this global pandemic. She has been a visible presence in the media—emphatically making the case that our members must receive support during this time of unemployment, and will not return to work until their safety can be assured by professionals. She penned a prominent op-ed on the importance of our work to local economies. And her long-standing and hard-won relationships with leaders in Washington helped secure robust unemployment assistance for both our members and gig workers across the entertainment industry.

As leaders of the #FairWage movement, we have had an ally in Kate Shindle from the very beginning. When we first reported to Council—fueled by our persistent desire to improve the lives of Equity members—Kate was willing to welcome us and treat us as partners. We’re proud of that continued partnership, and all we’ve been able to accomplish together.

With many of us still feeling the sting of being denied a woman to lead our country, we are extraordinarily grateful to have an experienced, tested, and visionary woman leading our union. Kate Shindle’s success as President of Actors’ Equity Association has been impressive and inspiring. Her legacy is already bona fide, and it’s only the beginning.

Kate has demonstrated without question that she is the resolute leader Actors’ Equity Association needs during this crisis. She will lead us back to work the way she is leading us through this shutdown—by always putting our members, their needs, and their safety first. She has our strongest possible endorsement.

Reelect Kate Shindle as President of Actors’ Equity Association.