Eastern Principal

Bobby Moreno

New York, NY




Running for a seat on Equity’s National Council is a serious commitment. It requires balancing responsibilities as a Councilor, an actor, and a husband. Now, I’m about to become a father. To be perfectly honest, it gave me pause about running for reelection. After much consideration—and consultation with my wife—I’ve decided to renew my commitment and run again for Council.

Why? In my time on council we’ve expanded the representation of our membership through At-Large Council seats and a National Convention. We’ve won major increases for our members in participation from Broadway producers. We’ve passed Judge It By the Budget, empowering us to demand fair compensation based on a theatre’s overall budget, not just their box office revenue. It’s work that puts our members first and I want to continue it.

Of course, my “Why” of two months ago is not my “Why” of now. Everyday that we are asked to socially distance we experience why the simple act of gathering together in a room is so profound. Our desire for information and connection reveals why we rely on story to make sense of the world. Our grief, though painful, can become growth. In our cities, in our communities, in our theatres we have an unique opportunity to propose a new way of valuing our work and its effect on the world. 

The only way out is through and the only way through is together. That is why I want to be your voice on Council.

Personal Statement

I grew up on Long Island and then moved to Austin, TX when I was 10. I’ve been back in NY (mostly in Brooklyn!) for 15 years. So I’m a proud Texan and New Yorker both. Proud husband to a brilliant writer, Hilary Bettis and we are expecting our first child in a few weeks!

My Equity Card: On a show called ReEntry, a documentary play about Marines coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. It premiered at Red Bank Theatre and then we performed it for several years at different theatres, VA hospitals and at Quantico!

How/Why is Equity and this work important to you?
I believe everything personal is political and the most important political act any of us can take is showing up. I believe in a vibrant democracy, which in our capitalist society, means a country with strong labor unions.  I believe in the power of storytelling and giving power to the storytellers. 

Is there anything else do you do in the world (volunteerism, side hustle, civic work) that informs your worldview and the experience you will bring to the Council room?
I have a voracious appetite for politics and consume many books, articles and podcasts on the subjects. It has taught me that the best governance is humble and firm. I will stand up for what is right and admit when I am wrong.

I am a musician in a band that composes most of our music on the fly in the room. It makes me a better listener. 

What is a Fun Fact or something most people don’t know about you?
My spirit animal is the Cardinal!

Where/What is your happy place?
Swimming in nature.

What is your Superpower, or what do you wish your Superpower could be?
I wish I was Michael Keaton. I thought at first maybe I could multiply myself but now I just think let me set the bar at Michael Keaton. Then I’d be happy.

What was your first ever stage production?
When I was in Kindergarten I played the tree who narrated the tragedy of Chicken Little. I was not offbook and was given the role because of my reading aptitude. Now the sky is falling and I wish I was 5 years old again.