John McGinty

Eastern Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Residence: Jersey City, NJ

Contracts worked: Production (League), LORT, Off-Broadway


Substandard pay greatly affects those in marginalized communities. Our union must push for fair wages across all contracts.

I am an actor who happens to be Deaf. I joined Actors’ Equity in 2008. Since then, I’ve been in productions on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in regional theaters all over the country. Today, diversity is more important than ever, which is why I serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee​ at AEA.

As an actor I’m interested in our common humanity. I want to enjoy, facilitate, and participate in theatre that celebrates people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing, and of all races and gender identities. I am eager to be on Council so that I can share my rich experience as an actor, and give a crucial voice to an underrepresented demographic of Equity members. I am passionate about working to improve inclusion both onstage and behind the scenes, to ensure that every Equity production is accommodating for artists of every ability. I am uniquely suited to advocate for accessibility and inclusion for all.

Personal Statement

I am based in Cleveland, Ohio. I currently reside in Jersey, NJ.

Also, I am also part of the EEO committee.

I got my first equity card when I did a production of Pippin with Deaf West and Center Theater Group back in 2009.

It is imperative to increase the level of inclusion and accessibility in the community and ensuring that each artist is accommodated when necessary.

Fun fact about me is that I went on tour during my high school senior year. 

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