Jimmy ludwig

Eastern Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Contracts worked: Production, Special Production, Off-Broadway, LORT, NEAT, Casino,
Guest Artist, LOA, COST, Business, URTA, SPT, ANTC, Workshop

Residence: Bronx, NY

***#FairWageOnCouncil ***

A long time ago, a director I was working with said to me: “Just belonging to a union is a political act. If you become an Equity member, I challenge you to become politicized.” I’ve never forgotten that conversation.

Employers call themselves job creators; but workers are PROFIT CREATORS for the employers, and I make sure they remember that. I aim for fair wages, for safe working conditions, and for the benefits that make a life and a family in our industry a certainty. I founded the Media and New Technology committee at Equity, and that work put money – found money – into Members’ pockets, and we will continue to grow. As technology changes our industry, there is a choice to be made: We could simply respond; I instead I will innovate. We can lead in ways the industry hasn’t even imagined yet.

I am fiercely proud of my Equity Card. I am politicized. I am labor. I will continue my service to our union; to you. Please vote.

Personal Statement

At Equity, I founded and now Chair the Media & New Technology committee; I also sit on LORT and Production. 

I got my Equity card in June of 1993, on the out-of-town tryout of “john & jen” at Goodspeed at Chester. 

My wife Kristen and I have one child: Jake, who was born August 28th of last year. He’s amazing. 

Why so involved at Equity? Before it was because unions are responsible for fair wages, pensions, health, safety, weekends… Now it’s for Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake…and Jake. 

Each plank in the #FairWageOnCouncil platform has a page of its own where you can read about it in greater detail. Just click on the text of the planks your are interested in learning more about.