Diane davis

Eastern Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Residence: Maplewood, NJ

Contracts worked: Production, LORT Non-Rep, LORT Rep, COST special,  CORST, CAT, ANTC, Showcase – NY


I am a founding member of #FairWageOnStage, the grassroots movement that won actors and stage managers salary increases of up to 83% in the 2016 off-Broadway negotiations.  This year, I stand proudly with my fellow members of #FairWageOnCouncil, running to advocate for Fair Wages, Inclusion, Participation, and Engagement.

As your councilmember, I will continue to fight for fair wages and working conditions on our contracts across the country. I’ll explore creative solutions to the problem of wage stagnation, including working with management and arts organizations to earmark money not just for infrastructure, but for artist compensation. I’ll advocate for increased access to jobs, with an eye on both improving online EPA signups and on creating more Equity contracts.  

As a mother of three small children, I’m aware of the struggles parents face in our industry.  As your councilmember, I’d like to bring these issues to the forefront of our union’s consciousness: to establish protocol around pregnancy disclosure, to find solutions for actors and stage managers kicked off their insurance in the middle of their pregnancies, to listen to what Equity parents need in terms of childcare and parental leave. Parenthood should be a viable choice for anyone in the theater who wishes to pursue it.

I believe in stage managers and actors.  I believe in us all. We are much more than ‘workers for hire’. We are an essential part of the theatrical experience and deserve to be treated as such. After all, audiences don’t come to the theater to see a fancy lobby; they come to walk through the lobby and see us, offering up our hearts to make it happen on stage.  

Personal Statement

I was born in Brooklyn, raised in northern  NJ, spent time in both Chicago and Los Angeles, and lived 15 years in New York City before I did the thing I swore I would never do and moved back to the suburbs of Jersey. Currently I very happily reside in Maplewood, NJ. 

I am on the LORT and Equal Employment Opportunity committees. 

I got my equity card doing ‘Festen’ on Broadway in 2006. 

I have three small human children (ages 6 years, 3 years, and 4 months), and 2 cats. And 1 husband, (also human). 

Equity important to me for the same reason that all unions are important: because workers need a voice and they need the power that only their numbers and unity can provide. 

Despite living in cities for my entire adult life, I am at my most peaceful up in the woods of Northern Canada, where I go every summer and live for a month with no electricity or running water. 

Each plank in the #FairWageOnCouncil platform has a page of its own where you can read about it in greater detail. Just click on the text of the planks your are interested in learning more about.