brooke ishibashi

Western Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Contracts Worked: LORT NON-REP, LOA-NYC, Showcase-NY, Off-Broadway, Mini


I’ve had the tremendous good fortune of working in NYC and LA over the last ten years, building a community of trusted colleagues along the way.

Over this time, I’ve witnessed the struggles of my Union friends — many of whom can’t provide a steady living for themselves and their families. The impressive Off-Broadway negotiation success inspired me to join the fight for a living wage for all Equity stage managers and actors.

I’m a firm believer that contract negotiations must consider an employer’s actual producing/operating budget rather than just box office revenue. This philosophy can bring even more dramatic salary increases nationwide.

My aim is to make the Union more accessible so members feel like active participants and can work together to create a highly sustainable future for all. The Equity website is a crucial resource: a more navigable site can make the Union’s shifting landscape more navigable in turn.

More face-to-face interaction between Councilors and members can facilitate increased Participation within the Union. Intimate meetings with membership can provide Engagement and Education opportunities on a national level.

As a Japanese-American female, I recognize the vital need for Inclusivity in theatre. In the 2015-2016 season, only 35% of all roles on New York City stages went to minority actors, while disabled performers represented a mere 0.67% of all available roles in the industry. For considerable change to the hiring practices of American theaters, Inclusivity must be of the utmost importance looking ahead.

I’m committed to Educating and Engaging our Union members so that every one of us can move toward a better tomorrow. When we empower ourselves, we empower each other.

Personal Statement

Brooke Ishibashi was born in Orange County, CA and raised in the city of Old Towne Orange (where her favorite movie “That Thing You Do!” was famously shot).

She is currently based in Los Angeles and is the proud mother of Kika, an adopted stray.

Brooke received her Equity card in 2010 with the experimental musical “Saturnalia” directed by Daniel Fish with words by Pulitzer Prize Winner Yusef Komunyakaa and music by percussionist Susie Ibarra.

From an early age, Brooke has been an advocate for fairness and equality; she is energized to fight alongside the FWOC team in giving voice to those who are underrepresented.

Fun fact: Brooke has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves 90’s Lilith Fair music. 

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