Thank you to all who voted. Results by Friday May 26!

Tuesday 4/25/17
Voting Begins!

You can vote online, or wait to receive your paper ballot in the mail.

Wednesday 5/24/17
Voting Ends!

Paper ballot must be received at AEA by 5/24. Or you can follow the ballot instructions to vote online electronically! 

How to Vote

As long as you are an AEA member in good standing, you should have gotten a ballot via email or regular mail depending on your preference.

I Need a Ballot

No problem! Email your Name and Equity Number to:
or call 800-864-1263. They will give you a code you can use to vote online!

Need Your Equity Number? It’s on your card, or call 212-869-8530 x349.

I Have a Ballot

Vote Right Now and Vote Online!
Good news. You can use the information on your paper ballot to vote online! (If you put a paper ballot in the mail at this point, it will not arrive in time.)

Who Do I Vote For?

#FairWageOnCouncil is running 8 of the founding members of #FairWageOnstage for the following Council seats. You can vote for all 8 of our candidates, as well as Melissa Robinette for 1st Vice President.

Why Vote #FairWageOnCouncil?

#FairWageOnstage — a grassroots group of rank and file members — is already transforming our union because we are standing together, acknowledging our power, and using our collective voice to demand change. Defying the status quo, we have already put forth policy initiatives that for decades did not seem achievable. We helped galvanize membership at large to give Actors’ Equity Association the leverage it needed to win historic wage increases for the Off-Broadway contract. Imagine what we can do once we’re actually on Council.

As your elected officials, we will remain committed to the guiding principles of prioritizing wages, inclusion, participation, and engagement.

Please help us make Actors’ Equity Association the strongest it’s ever been.

Thank you for your support,

How Can I Help?

Get Out the Vote!

Encourage your friends – Personally reach out to 10 of your AEA friends. Ask them if they have voted #FairWageOnCouncil. If they say they will, but haven’t yet, check back in with them again to make sure they do. Every vote counts, and we want a record turnout. You can even send them a link to this page of our website!

I Voted!

Add our awesome Facebook Frame Overlay to your Facebook Profile picture! Follow this link and search for “FWOC”

Show Your Support

  1. Endorse -#FairWageOnCouncil by posting and tweeting your personal support.
  2. Like and Follow – the #FairWageOnCouncil Facebook page. Invite your AEA friends to join as well!
  3. Share, Like, and Tweet all things #FairWageOnCouncil