It’s Time to Vote!

Friday 4/13/18
Your Ballot has been Mailed to You!

There is no online voting this year.
Be on the lookout for your ballot to arrive in the regular mail. Vote #FairWageOnCouncil and send it back right away!

Wednesday 5/23/18
Ballots Are Due!

Your ballot must be received by 5/23. Make sure to mail it well before then so it arrives in time for your vote to count! 

How to Vote

As long as you are an AEA member in good standing, and they have your current address, you will receive a ballot in the mail shortly after April 13th, 2018. There is no online voting this year. Paper ballots only.

I Need a Ballot

Ballots were mailed to all eligible AEA members on April 13th. If you do not receive your ballot after that, you have until May 8th, 2018 to request that a replacement ballot be mailed to your from the AEA Election Staff Member in your region. We recommend requesting it sooner so your vote is sure to make in time for the May 23rd deadline.

Eastern – Chris Bennett, (212) 869-8530 ext. 349,                
Central – Jayne Spring, (312) 641-0393 ext. 242,
Western – Tanya Leonzo, (323) 978-8080 ext. 153,

I Have a Ballot

Watch Brian Myers Cooper show you in 57 seconds how to correctly put everything in the envelopes. You don’t even need a stamp! But first, use the “Who Do I Vote For?” section below to fill in your ballot. 

Who Do I Vote For?

#FairWageOnCouncil is running 15 core members of #FairWageOnStage for the following Officer and Council seats. You can vote for all 15 of our candidates.

Why Vote #FairWageOnCouncil?

#FairWageOnStage — a grassroots group of rank and file members — is already transforming our union because we are standing together, acknowledging our power, and using our collective voice to demand change.

We need a Council full of progressive and positive thinkers — one that sees how strong Actors’ Equity Association could be, one that will do the work and research necessary to make informed decisions, one that will fortify and expand the rights of members all over the nation, and one that will devote themselves every day to fair wages, inclusion, participation, and engagement.

The seven #FairWageOnCouncil members you elected last year have already put forth bold, innovative policy initiatives. Together, we’re beginning to change the way the Council works. Electing our 2018 candidates to become your representatives will make it possible to continue and expand on that work.

Together, let’s make Actors’ Equity Association the strongest it’s ever been!

Thank you for your continued support,

How Can I Help?

Show Your Support

  1. Endorse -#FairWageOnCouncil by posting and tweeting your personal support.
  2. Like and Follow – the #FairWageOnCouncil Facebook page. Invite your AEA friends to join as well!
  3. Share, Like, and Tweet all things #FairWageOnCouncil and #FWOC15

Get Out the Vote!

Encourage your friends – Personally reach out to 10 of your AEA friends. Ask them if they have voted #FairWageOnCouncil. If they say they will, but haven’t yet, check back in with them again to make sure they do. Every vote counts, and we want a record turnout. You can even send them a link to this page of our website!

I Voted!

Add our awesome Facebook Frame Overlay to your Facebook Profile picture! Follow this link and search for “FWOC”