Sid solomon

Eastern Vice President

Candidate Statement

Residence: New York, NY

Contracts/Codes Worked: LORT, LOA-LORT, Guest Artist, Special Appearance, Transition, NYC Showcase, 29-Hour Reading


There are three things to look for in an Eastern Regional Vice President:

  • Deep involvement in Eastern Regional policy
  • Proven ability to engage with members
  • The knowhow to turn your ideas into action

Look no further than #SIDforAEA.

In addition to Council, I serve on sixteen Equity committees. If you’ve worked on LORT, LOA, SPT, Guest Artist, Special Appearance, NEAT, NYMF, OAT, or any Off-Broadway agreement in the Eastern Region since 2015, I’ve been involved in improving your contract. That’s more than 40% of annual workweeks in the East. I know these contracts, and the issues facing our members across the entire Eastern region, not just New York.

I first ran for Council on the idea that Councilors should be a visible presence in the lives of our members. So, if you’ve reached out to me, I’ve responded. If you had a question, I sought an answer. If you had a problem, I worked towards a solution. A major part of the job of an ERVP is traveling across the region and learning from members in our liaison areas. You deserve a Vice President who not only listens, but who’s proven the ability to advocate on your behalf.

Involvement and engagement are most meaningful when they produce results. From authoring the new EMC Program, to helping found Equity’s Young Workers’ Committee, to spearheading an historic voter turnout effort, to changing the way the union communicates with members, I know how to say YES to our members, and to help turn your thoughts, hopes, and ideas into action.

Just as a great Vice President should.

Personal Statement

Born and raised in Brooklyn, back when Brooklyn was Brooklyn, and not a giant open-air artisanal mayonnaise store.

Currently residing in a tiny studio apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with my brilliant wife, Gretchen.

I serve on 16 Equity committees and working groups. Highlights include Eastern Developing Theater (1st Vice Chair), Off-Off Broadway (2nd Vice Chair), Off-Broadway, LORT, and Guest Artist Agreement Committees. All told, I sit on committees overseeing more than 40% of annual workweeks in the Eastern Region.

I got my card in 2010 when I joined The Acting Company, touring ROMEO AND JULIET and THE COMEDY OF ERRORS in rep across the country.

No human children of my own, but I have a 15-year old dachshund named Gigi who enjoys kicking me out of the bed.

I like teams. When I brought my first contract to the membership desk to join the union, I felt like I’d just joined the best team in the world. It’s why I proudly carry my card, it’s why I like being the deputy, it’s why I love serving on Council.

I made my stage debut as King Sidney in CINDERELLA at P.S. 272 in Brooklyn. My one direction was “Look at the clock at the back of the auditorium and speak as loudly as you can.” It’s remains about 92% of my technique.

Each plank in the #FairWageOnCouncil platform has a page of its own where you can read about it in greater detail. Just click on the text of the planks your are interested in learning more about.