Nikka Graff Lanzarone

Eastern Chorus Councilor

I’m a founding member of #FairWageOnstage, the grassroots movement that demanded an end to decades of stagnation, and gave Equity critical leverage last fall in securing wage increases of up to 83% Off-Broadway. Now our #FairWageOnCouncil slate is running to ensure FAIR WAGES, INCLUSION, PARTICIPATION, and ENGAGEMENT for actors and stage managers nationwide.

If you know me, you know my dedication to our union and bettering members’ lives. If we’ve worked together, I’ve been your deputy. I sit on nine committees, served on the 2016 SET negotiating team, and made the motion that got councilors AEA email addresses. As a board member of the Actors’ Equity Foundation, I’m working to develop programs for artists and provide needed grants for theatres across the country. I’m also a co-host of The Ensemblist podcast.

I’ve sat across the table from employers, asking for what we’re worth. I’ve helped craft policy shaping members’ quality of life and ensuring compensation for work they’ve done. Having worked many different contracts, I’ve seen the best—and worst—treatment by employers.

Though serving Equity as a rank-and-file member is something of a full-time job, it’s also a joy. I want to continue that service, joining Council and contributing my voice and strength.

I’ve begun working with current councillors addressing gender parity, the pay gap, and our place in the profits of streaming content. I understand the “replaceable” stigma facing female dancers, because I struggle with it. We must also evolve with our job descriptions, and I want to advocate for everyone — ensemblists, stage managers, names above the title, and everyone in between. Let’s charge into the future. Join me.