Lee Osorio

Eastern Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Residence: Atlanta, GA

Contracts worked:  LORT, SPT, Guest Artist, Special Appearance, Off Broadway, Showcase-NY, Staged Reading


I got my Equity card in 2010 playing Romeo with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.  And though I’ve worked all over the country, Atlanta is home. It’s a weird little town that sometimes likes to pretend it’s a big city, and I love it.  I’m running for Council because Atlanta and the Southeast must have a voice advocating for their unique needs.

Atlanta has no mid-sized theatres.  There’s one $14 million space in town, and the rest are under $2 million.  In order to best negotiate for fair compensation and as many jobs as possible, we need the in-depth knowledge of someone that actually lives locally, is familiar with the theatres and their leadership, and understands the reality of working on the Special Agreement, Guest Artist, and SPT contracts that make up the bulk of our workweeks.  I have the experience and passion to be that voice.

The film industry is taking over our town. We’re being called Y’all-ywood. Yeah, that’s a thing. This is great for actors in the Southeast, but it changes the needs of our members.  We need MRE on every contract and understudies, not just the promise of them.

Every city is different, and each deserves representation.   Half of our members live outside of office cities. However, out of eighty-two councilors, only four do not live in New York, Chicago, and L.A.  If elected, I will work for required regional representation on council. Whether you live in Nashville or New Orleans, St Louis or Sacramento, a vote for me is a vote to have your voice heard.   

Personal Statement

I was born in Tifton, Georgia and now reside in the big city of Atlanta. I got my  Equity card playing Romeo with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.  Since then I have worked in Omaha, Seattle, Providence, Off-Broadway, and now back in Georgia.  Currently, I serve on the Eastern Developing Theatre Committee and LORT Committee.  Equity is important to me because I depend on stage work to make my living, and I know that Equity is always there to advocate for a safe work environment, fair pay, and more contracts. 

I’ve been asked to share something that you might not know about me.  The fact is you probably know very little about me.  Other than the information shared above. I guess I’ll just say- my favorite color is rust.

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