Kellie Overbey

Eastern Principal Councilor

I’m a founding member of #FairWageOnstage, the grassroots organization that demanded to end decades of stagnation, and gave Equity critical leverage last fall in securing wage increases of up to 83% Off-Broadway. Now our #FairWageOnCouncil slate is running to ensure FAIR WAGES, INCLUSION, PARTICIPATION, & ENGAGEMENT for actors and stage managers nationwide.

An AEA member since 1988, I’m also a writer, Kentuckian, Democrat, Scorpio, sci-fi fan, and master knitter. But I’m most proud of my activism. Gloria Steinem said, “Women become more radical with age.” Because we have to. My taking a stand and lending my voice has never been more imperative. Besides FWOS, I also co-founded a nonprofit for women’s reproductive rights in 2012,

To ensure its survival, we have no choice right now but to strengthen our union. For the sustainability of theatre, and to preserve the Arts as an indispensable part of American Culture. The accomplishments of FWOS have reinforced my belief that when you share mutual goals, trust, and support with your colleagues, there is nothing you can’t accomplish together.  

I want to bring that same energy, trust, and support to Council, and continue my activism for Equity members. There’s no reason why any actor or stage manager should ever have to feel economically disadvantaged by working in their chosen profession. I want to help facilitate membership engagement because every actor and stage manager should enjoy both their rights and responsibilities as union members. And I want to work to eradicate outdated tropes that undermine our inherent power as actors and stage managers, and ensure that AEA always takes the strongest possible stand in advocating for its members.