Jeffrey Omura

Eastern Principal Councilor

I’m a founding member of #FairWageOnstage, the grassroots movement that demanded an end to decades of stagnation, and gave Equity critical leverage last fall in securing wage increases of up to 83% Off-Broadway. Now our #FairWageOnCouncil slate is running to ensure FAIR WAGES, INCLUSION, PARTICIPATION, and ENGAGEMENT for actors and stage managers nationwide.

I’m running for Council to demand higher wages, more jobs, and better working conditions.

I’ve been blessed to work with some of our industry’s greatest talents; they reach critical acclaim, bring in millions of dollars of revenue for their employers, and yet struggle to afford basic living expenses like rent and food. It’s a matter of dignity. I’ve seen TYA employers take advantage of new union members, paying them starvation wages, and keeping them in brutal working conditions on the road. I’ve seen Broadway national tours go non-union while the barrier to joining the union remains too high. I’ve seen new musicals turn into commercial blockbusters while the SMs and actors who develop the piece go uncompensated. I’ve seen theaters exclude non-white performers from the stage without widespread condemnation. I’ve seen our national membership give up hope that anyone is listening or that things could ever change. Last fall, I decided to get involved do something about it.

I joined #FairWageOnStage’s Off-Broadway campaign because I know we deserve better. And I am prepared to wake up every day and fight for what we are worth.

We cost more now. We won a wage increase unprecedented not just in Equity history but in the history of the American labor movement. When we come together, speak up for ourselves, and fight for our worth, we win. Off-Broadway was just the beginning; it’s time to take #FairWageOnStage national. Vote for me and the whole #FairWageOnCouncil slate to secure yourself a better future.