bobby moreno

Eastern Principal Councilor

Candidate Statement

Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Contracts worked: LORT Non-Rep, LOA, Off-Broadway, Showcase, Mini, Transition, Special Appearance


In the book “Siddhartha,” a wealthy businessman asks the title character what services he can provide, and he replies, “I can think, I can fast, I can wait.”

“What good will that do you?” his friend wants to know, and Siddhartha answers, “You’ll see.”

I got a glimpse of how our union works in working with staff as a part of #FairWageOnStage and was intrigued by what I saw. Creating art is a challenging job, and I saw how, when stage managers and actors come together to advocate for ourselves, we can lessen those challenges.

I know there are competing concerns from different members who have different needs. Furthermore I understand there are as many different, nuanced solutions to the problems we face as there are translations of Chekhov.

I come to the table with fresh ears and a sincere desire to hear from everyone on all sides of that table and to use our creative minds to find common ground and actionable steps towards a solvent, sustainable future for our union and our industry.

In short, if I am elected as one of your Councilors, I promise to show up and to listen.

Personal Statement

Hi Everyone, my name is Bobby Moreno. I was born in Tecoma, Washington and grew up in Elmont, NY and Austin, TX. So my upbringing represents a triangle of America. I have been back in NY for the last 13 years! 

I got my equity card performing in a show called ReEntry out at Two River Theatre Company. The show was a docudrama about Marines coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. We performed it for 5 years at military bases and VA hospitals. It was quite an honor for that to be my first professional job. 

I have two cats – Jewels and Mister Washington. Washington is a beautiful black and grey, and Jewels has a weight disorder so she eats diet food. She loves to cuddle and he plays fetch! I was never a cat person but they are the best!

Equity is important to me because I believe in the power of the collective. I believe that we should live the principles offstage that we embody onstage and that there is a direct line between the work that we do in the theatre and the work that a strong union does. 

You might not know that I am a rapper and in fact, have won a rap battle at Freestyle Mondays, NY’s longest running open mic cypher. So if we have to rap battle any producers for better contracts, I’m your guy!

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