Melissa Robinette

1st Vice President

The #FairWageOnCouncil slate enthusiastically endorses Melissa Robinette for 1st Vice President of Actors’ Equity Association.

Melissa Robinette (better known as “MelRob”) is a founding member of the #FairWageOnstage movement, and proved to be a crucial, unwavering voice on Equity’s Off-Broadway Negotiating Team. She was tenacious, resolute, and willing to go the mat for what was fair, even if it was an extra tenth of a percent in our members’ pockets. Her work was instrumental in reaching the agreement that secured historic wage increases for stage managers and actors of up to 83.7% Off-Broadway.

MelRob grew up in the circus, a background that strongly informs her core values. She came of age watching her family work without a safety net—literally and figuratively—risking life and limb day after day without a strong union to offer them protection. A determined self-starter, she became a union performer herself 17 years ago, and has managed a successful career without representation.

Since being elected to Council—first as a Chorus Councilor, and then as Eastern Regional Vice President—MelRob has fought tirelessly to ensure that stage managers and actors can go to work without fear. To watch her work—petite in physical stature, but tremendous in authority and will—is to witness a force to be reckoned with.

#FairWageOnCouncil is running as a slate of candidates because we believe that a cultural shift is required on the National Council. Ensuring that the wages of stage managers and actors accurately reflect our employers’ actual ability to pay must be at the center of our union’s work. MelRob shares our values. She has proven time and again that she will refuse to accept anything less than what is fair for her brothers and sisters.

The office of 1st Vice President requires a combination of fortitude and foresight, determination and strategy. We believe that Melissa Robinette is the perfect amalgam of these qualities, and heartily endorse her for the seat.

We are confident that MelRob is the candidate best suited to advance the platform of #FairWageOnCouncil—WAGES, INCLUSION, PARTICIPATION, and ENGAGEMENT. We offer her our endorsement and full support without hesitation.

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