#FairWageOnCouncil is a group of 19 dedicated #FairWageOnStage core members
that have been elected to the National Council of Actors’ Equity Association.

We won 12 of the 15 seats
we ran candidates for in 2018

Thank you for your continued support and, most of all, your votes.

We strove to run a positive, substantive, thoughtful, organized, issue-based, pro-union campaign, and we’re glad it spoke to you.

The 12 elected members from 2018 are thrilled to join the seven councilors from #FairWageOnStage that you elected in 2017, and to continue the work for Fair Wages, Inclusion, Participation, and Engagement.

We are honored that you have chosen us to serve you. If you need us, please call on us.

The next Equity election is in 2020. We’ll see you then!

In Solidarity,


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